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2010 mazda5 TCM


I had my TCM replaced and it fixed my shifting issues. saved me a lot of money
have 1 question. Can driving on a faulty TCM cause speed sensors to become faulty? I ask because my 2010 mazda5 still has a hard kick into 1st gear (this is also after getting the transmission rebuilt recently as well) and the speed sensors are the only thing in my mind that could still be the problem

2010 mazda5 TCM
2010 mazda5 TCM1
2010 mazda5 TCM2
Topic starter Posted : 04/02/2024 3:50 pm
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The sensors won’t go faulty by a bad TCM however continuous hard shifting can degrade the life of the transmission assembly itself. It’s best to get the TCM as soon as possible especially if there is hard shifts present or the vehicle is already in limp mode.

Posted : 04/02/2024 3:54 pm