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Remove TCM out of 2006 Mazda 3 2.3L (VIN JM1BK1434...)

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All tools I needed were: 10 mm wrench, flat head screwdriver, & a pliers. It took me (not a mechanics by any mean) about 45 min to complete the whole procedure, after referred to info, pics, clips available online. Pls refer to attached pictures below.

1, Un-clipped  to remove batt. cover, batt. air vent. duct, & ECM cover. (pic 1)

2, Remove 10mm bolts: to release negative then positive batt. pod & batt holder. (pic 2)

3, Remove cables attached to batt. box by squeeze the clips. Take off the batt box front cover. (pic 3)

4, Remove 2 connectors to ECM (on left side of batt. box) by press down a tab then swing off the white lock bar. (pic 4)

5, Remove 3 of 10mm screws located at the bottom in order to completely remove batt. box. (pic 5)

6, TCM is located underneath of blue paint body part (in my case.) Remove a connector (same procedure as in #4) then 3 of 10 mm screws to hold TCM onto transmission. (pic 6, 7, 8 & 9)

7, Voilà! Here is bad boy TCM. Send it Upfix to get it fixed. (pic 10)

Reverse all steps above to put it back & & keep my fingers cross.

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Topic starter Posted : 09/22/2022 5:29 pm
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After installation for about 1&1/2 months, now my mazda 3, 2006 stays in 4th gear only. Hard kick on Drive & Reverse.

While driving...

20221205 194809

then stand still...

20221205 204319

For more info, I put it on the brake lines as your suggestion since day 1. I also replaced the filter & flushed old ATF then replaced it with genuine Mazda type M5.

20221205 222751
20221205 222602
20221205 222408

What should I do next?




Topic starter Posted : 12/06/2022 3:49 am
Serge - UpFix Team
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We apologize that you're still experiencing issues with the rebuilt TCM. This unit should essentially be plug and play with no issues. When did the issues re-appear and what codes specifically are you getting now? Have you tried to scan the QR code at the bottom portion of the packing slip? This will bring you to a link for Help\Tips.

Please try the hard battery reset first (guide attached) with both negative and positive terminals constantly touching for 30-40min and the battery removed. If you have dark or dirty transmission fluid I recommend replacing it with fresh fluid and a new filter. Check wiring, plugs, and pins. Make sure they are free from debris, dirt, grease/oil, and battery acid. Mount the TCM to the brake lines. The heat from the transmission and the engine is usually the main culprit for the initial failure. Check your speed sensor and your oil pressure switch to the transmission as well.

Once you have completed the above steps, re-scan the car and let us know which codes came back. That'll help us know exactly what is causing the issues. Below I have both guides to assist. I highly recommend that you follow the guides step by step for the best results. If you followed the re-installation procedure and already tried the hard battery reset to the letter we can take another look under warranty or issue you a refund. Let us know the results.

Posted : 12/06/2022 2:15 pm
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1, I received the rebuilt TCM on Oct 8, 2023 & installed it on Oct 9. Drove perfect until mid Nov then the symptoms as listed on post #2 has started. NO CODE, neither check engine nor AT light reported. I did everything at the beginning of re-installation as UpFix suggested in the link for Help\Tips.

2, After your suggestion in post #2 "try the hard battery reset first (guide attached) with both negative and positive terminals constantly touching for 30-40min and the battery removed",  the problem is still persisted since Dec 7, 2022.

3, I took the car to a Mazda dealer & paid $179 + tax for diagnosis fee. They recommend to replace TCM.

What should I do next?

Screenshot 20221222 123305 Samsung Notes
20221222 132435
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Topic starter Posted : 12/22/2022 6:50 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thank you for  reaching out.  Step 3  should've been to contact us first before going to the dealer to spend money on diagnostics.  if the TS didn't help, we can take another look under warranty and see what the issue is.

Posted : 12/23/2022 12:56 am