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2005 Audi TT instrument cluster repair


Audis are famous for instrument cluster breakdowns and performance deterioration, as we all know. My concern is, does anyone know what steps are taken to repair the broken fuel and temperature gauges? I found an article on how to replace the display, but all I can find regarding the gauges is individuals demanding exorbitant fees to repair them if you give them your cluster. I have a '05 Audi TT and the fuel gauge is not reading correctly. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks.

2005 Audi TT instrument cluster repair
Topic starter Posted : 07/15/2022 5:28 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thank you for reaching out. We do fix Clusters and also Mileage corrections Here is the link

Posted : 07/15/2022 5:28 pm