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2008 Audi A4 ECU repair Q's.

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I sent an e-mail to a few days ago, but haven't heard back - so trying here.

My 2008 Audi A4 3.2L is generating several codes and my independent Audi mechanic says the ECU needs to be replaced.  Other than the codes, the car itself is running fine.  Will your service address these codes?...

  P2404-006 - Evap system - Implausible Signal
  P2402-006 - Short to plus - intermittent
  P1575-006 - Short to plus
  P0340-006 - Malfunction - intermittent
  P0346-006 - Implausible Signal - intermittent
  P2247-006 - Ref Voltage Open Circuit - intermittent

There are more, but almost all are "intermittent" like those above - I'll provide a full list if I decide to send it in.

For reference, it's a Siemens ECU, P/N: 8E0907559J.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to more than a "Thank you for reaching out. We do repair ECU Here is the link" reply.

  - nn6o


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Yes we do service ECU-ECM  for 08 Audi A4.  Here is the link below

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Removing the ECU from a 2008 Audi A4 3.2L
by NN6O


The steps were gathered from various sources on the Internet and compiled together so I could
remove the ECU from my A4. Completely read through (and understand) this doc before attempting. I
am not a mechanic - perform these steps at your own risk!


Tools needed

  • ¼” hex screwdriver with slotted (flat) and Torx 30 bits.
  • ¼” drive Ratchet (low-profile preferred).
  • ¼” socket Torx 30 bit (or ¼” bit holder and Torx 30 bit).
  • 16mm socket (plus ¼” drive adapter or appropriate size ratchet).
  • Wiper Arm Removal Tool (e.g. Lisle 54150 or OTUAYAUTO knockoff on Amazon).
  • Dremel tool or Angle Grinder with cut-off wheel.
  • Butane mini-torch or lighter.
  • Safety glasses and work gloves.


Optional items

  • 2 x M5-0.8 x 12mm bolts.
  • 2 x M6-1.0 x 12mm bolts.
  • ¼” hex bit extension or 6-inch Torx 30 bit.


Removal instructions

1. Turn off ignition, set parking break, put on safety glasses.

2. Pop the hood and orient yourself to the engine – ECU is located at top right of engine bay.



3. Remove the five (5) self-tapping screws that hold down the ECU compartment cover. To access
the top right screw, the driver side windshield wiper arm needs to be removed.

03 ECU


4. Turn on ignition and turn on wiper. Take ignition key out to stop the wiper when it is at
about a 30 degree angle (easier to time on the “down” stroke).

5. Pop off the plastic cover covering the wiper arm retaining nut.

04 Wiper Nut


6. Use a 16mm socket to remove wiper arm retaining nut.

04a Wiper Nut & Socket


7. With nut removed try wiggling and removing the arm – most likely, it’s frozen in place. In
this case, a wiper arm removal tool is needed.

05 Wiper Puller

7a. Install the removal tool and tighten the large adjustment nob as much as possible so the lower
tabs on the tool are completely underneath the wiper arm (important! otherwise, the tool will pull itself off and mar the wiper arm).  Turn the top T-handle so the “plunger” is centered and pushes down on the center post that holds the nut. Keep turning until the wiper arm “pops” off the post (it may be startling!).

06 Wiper Puller

NOTE: If the plunger doesn’t stay centered, put the nut partially back on such that 2 or 3 rows of
threads are showing. Then re-mount the tool and align the plunger into the center “divit” of the
nut. Turn the T-handle until the wiper arm pops (sorry, no photo).


8. Remove the wiper arm and the windshield lower trim clip (circled in red). With the arm off,
turn on the ignition to put the wiper system back in “resting” position.

07 Wiper Removed & Trim Clip
08 Trim Clip Removed


9. Put a Torx 30 bit (or extension + bit) through the wiper cut-out to remove rear right cover screw.

09 Rear Screw (Right) Extension
10 Rear Screw (Right)


 It may be helpful to use a small magnet at the end of the bit to retrieve the screw once loosened.

11 Small Magent
12 Small Magnet & Screw


10. Use a ratchet with Torx 30 bit to remove the rear left cover screw. It may be a tight fit.

13 Rear Screw (Left)


11. Lift up on the front of the ECU cover, then pull forward and twist slightly to remove cover.

Note: the rear of the cover is a tight squeeze against the windshield lower trim piece.

14 ECU Cover (Front popped)


ECU in ECU compartment with top cover off.

15 ECU Cover Removed


12. Insert a slotted screwdriver into one side of the metal band holding down the ECU, press down
and angle out to release the band.

16 Retainer Bracket A
17 Retainer Bracket B


13. Lift front of ECU to expose cable bundles. Note the plastic retaining arm – move cables to
clear the retaining arm and partially lift out ECU.

18 Cables under ECU
19 Cable Bracket


14. With ECU out of compartment, note the four (4) slotless aluminum bolts holding the cable
connectors in place. Use a Dremel or cut-off tool to cut slots into the bolt heads. Make sure to
wear safety glasses and work gloves while cutting!

Note: in the photo, the bolts have already been cut with slots.

20 ECU


15. Once cut, use a slotted screw driver to remove the “front” two bolts (green circle) – they
shouldn’t require much effort to break free.

21a Connector Retainer Screws


16. The “rear” two bolts (yellow circle) are held in place with permanent Loctite. Heat the nuts
on the bottom with a butane mini-torch or lighter for about 20 second – be careful not to direct
the flame towards or melt the plastic cabling or housing. After 20 seconds, use a screwdriver to
remove the bolt. If it doesn’t break free easily, heat the nut for another 10 seconds and try

Note: photo shows bracket already removed from ECU.

21c Heat Bottom Nut


17. After removing the bolts, remove the top and bottom halves of the cable retaining bracket.

23 ECU Cable Connectors


18. Pull out the locking latches on either side of the cable harness connectors.

24 ECU Cable Connector Unlocked


If either is hard to pull out, use a screwdriver to carefully pry them out.

25 ECU Cable Connector Unlocked (pry)


19. Pull the cable harness connectors from the ECU.

26 ECU & Connectors


The ECU is now free. Reverse these steps to put the ECU back in the ECU compartment. To re-secure
the cable retaining bracket, purchase the optional M5 and M6 bolts listed above – I found them in
the specialty hardware section of Home Depot (get the 12mm length for both). Use Loctite if
desired – I used Blue 243 (allow to set before driving car).


Additional photos:

ECU Top and Bottom

27 ECU (Top)
28 ECU (Bottom)


Replacement bolts from Home Depot

29 Replacement Bolts


ECU Cable Retaining Bracket (removed) with replacement M6 bolts (M5 not installed).

30a Cable Bracket


All photos © 2023, NN6O

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Thank you for very detailed information on removing ECU on 08 Audi A4 

Posted : 01/12/2023 10:34 pm