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2001 Lexus Rx300 . Codes are P0300 P0302 P0304 P0306 and P0745.


Working on a 2001 Lexus Rx300. Every time you start the car it runs rough. Engine skips and missed with check engine light flashing. But it will clear itself up if you just let it run. The transmission surges even in park and it slips with hard engagement 2-3. Codes I consistently get are P0300 P0302 P0304 P0306 and P0745.

Topic starter Posted : 11/17/2022 4:02 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thank you for reaching out. We do support the ECU repair for this year, make, and model however I'm not sure the repair will take care of all your issues. the codes you provided point to the valve timing solenoid coil packs, and spark plugs.  Our repair will take care of the hard shifting but all the other codes will need to be addressed first. We don't support these particular codes. Below I have provided a link that can get you started. it will go over what we support and what we recommend before sending the part in for repair.

Posted : 11/17/2022 4:03 pm