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Kitchen aid dishwasher board


I have a control board on my Kitchen aid dishwasher board #8564542 that flashes the clean light 7 times over and over and will not start I reset program once and it worked now it
won't reset
Still flashes 7 times
board #06-09318-66913

Item Title: 8564542 Whirlpool Dishwasher Control Board Repair Service

Topic starter Posted : 11/17/2022 2:56 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thank you for reaching out. Sorry to hear your unit is having issues. Below I have provided a guide that may assist. Take the time to go through the entire appliance before sending it in. I highly recommend doing a throughout cleaning of the appliance. If that doesn't fix the issue then we can take a look. Simply send it to the address below and we'll notify you once it arrives. 
4991 BU Bowman Dr
Buford GA 30518

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Posted : 11/17/2022 2:57 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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The most common reason for this to happen is that the heating element or thermal probe has gone out. If you are comfortable, I have included a guide on how to check this. 
Digital Multimeter 

  1. Be sure breaker is turned off and there is absolutely no power to the dishwasher. 
  2. Find your heating element (usually near the bottom) 
  3. Turn your Meter to read Ohms
  4. Measure both sides of the heating element. 
  5. This should read in the ballpark of 10-50 ohms. If it does not, then the element needs to be replaced. 

Another issue that it could be is a bad thermal probe. 

  1. Locate your thermal probe. This is different in each appliance. I attached a photo of what the usually look like. 
  2. With your meter in Ohms, read the resistance of the thermal device
  3. This one is more difficult to know if it is good or bad. I would need the exact part number as that will determine what you should see on your test. 
  4. Usually, KitchenAid reads around 6K Ohms. As long as you have a reading near this, I think you'll be fine. 
  5. Anything over 10k Ohms and anything under 5K Ohms, I would suggest replacing it. 

Let me know if you get a chance to test them! If you would like to send pictures, you can do it through here! 

Screenshot 74
Posted : 11/17/2022 3:00 pm

I cleaned the reservoir at the base ,
The clean light still flashes every 7 times with a 2 second pause.
I also shut the breaker waited 1 minute , put the breaker back on then pressed Hi temp scrub while Alternate pressing the energy saver dry button back and forth 5 times to see if this resets . No luck!
Appliance won't start when I press start
If I press normal then Start the normal light flashes but still won't start.

I can send you a picture of this control board and text or e mail to you.

But you can tell me what the address to send this board for repair plus the cost to repair this board

Topic starter Posted : 11/17/2022 5:24 pm