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Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Control Board Repair


i am considering this PCB, the display is just flashing numbers and the heavy, fast and rinse lights are all on. i think this is a PCB issue.??

on another note, can you repair a PCB for a thermodynamics 38xl plasma cutter ?

Item Title: 528397HUSP Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Control Board Repair Service

Topic starter Posted : 08/29/2022 2:57 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thank you for reaching out. Below I have provided a link that can get you started. Please take your time while ordering. Keep in mind that we typically support only what is listed on the site. If you have other symptoms then our service will not fix the issue. if you have any questions along the way feel free to reach out.

Posted : 08/29/2022 2:57 pm