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Navigation Unit Hard Battery Reset - Troubleshooting

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  My navigation unit isn’t working correctly

  1. If the vehicle’s battery was not disconnected prior to the removal of the unit, it may inadvertently blow a relay near the fuse box, or a fuse in one of the multiple fuse boxes in the vehicle.
  2. Often times there are communication issues present if the unit is installed back in the vehicle. One of the fastest and easiest ways to clear any soft codes in the vehicle is to do a simple battery reset:

                        - Disconnect the battery cables

                        - Clamp the cables together with the terminals touching (off the battery!)

                        - Leave the cables maintained in this position for 30min. and then re-install

   *This should clear any soft codes and communication issues with the vehicle’s PCI bus.*

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Topic starter Posted : 04/18/2022 10:07 pm
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I just got the display back.   Since I hadn't gotten instructions from you, I didn't know to disconnect the battery on removal of unit.   When I put it back in I am getting red triangle and "Caution  The transmission P Lock mechanism is abnormal.  Park your car on a flat place and apply the parking brake completely.   The display works fine.  If I put into diagnostic mode, I see my 12V battery is fine.  You say above that the it may inadvertently blow a relay near fuse box.   How to fix?  Do I have to have my car towed in to dealer? 

Posted : 06/23/2022 11:44 pm
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It's possible that the parking fuse connector in the main fuse box that's 7.5A is getting a bad or intermittent signal to the harness plug inside that very same fuse box under the hood. 

The MFD was fully refurbished and shouldn't be causing this issue. I would suggest first checking to make sure the fuse is good and that there is no visible corrosion in that socket. 

I'll share a video so you can see what I'm referring to. Note, I'd be cautious about adding a jumper wire. This video is for demonstration purposes only. For more assistance, reach out to a local automotive electrician that can help you with this. 

Topic starter Posted : 06/24/2022 1:02 pm