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2013 Audi A4 Power Steering Module


I was reaching out because I took my Audi to the dealer to get it checked for my power steering failure. It shows a steering wheel with an exclamation point that’s red in color and my steering wheel is locked in place. Also saying it has failed on the dash. Upon taking it to the dealer they sent over a video stating that it has failed electronically and mechanically. And are recommending a replacement of the steering rack itself and am curious to know if this is something you can repair for the module .

2013 Audi A4 Power Steering Module
2013 Audi A4 Power Steering Module1
2013 Audi A4 Power Steering Module2
Topic starter Posted : 05/28/2024 6:40 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thanks for reaching out to us. Most of the time it's the control module at fault. Since it's so much cheaper to service, we can see if there's is an issue with just that alone. Usually, when they fail you'll get all the symptoms you described. Use the link below to purchase our repair service. You only pay if we find an issue and repair it.

Posted : 05/28/2024 6:41 pm