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2003 Mercedes SL500 R230 instrument cluster

Mark H

I want to know whether you can repair the instrument cluster in my 2003 MB SL500 R230 that appears to have a backlight lighting issue. The LCD panels appear to be in good shape, but given their age—more than 20 years—they undoubtedly need to be replaced.

Can you repair this cluster and fix the lighting problem? Cost? Reaction time?

2003 MB SL500 R230 instrument cluster
2003 MB SL500 R230 instrument cluster 1
Topic starter Posted : 09/19/2023 4:39 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
Famed Member Moderator

We do not do the repairs for that cluster but we do mileage correction for that vehicle. So if you were to get a new or used cluster and needed the mileage changed we can do that. Below is the link with all the information on cost, turnaround and to place the order.

Posted : 09/19/2023 4:40 pm