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2009 Prius MFD

If i want to change the whole LCD screen (not only the touch) do i need to open it from the back and take it all apart or i can do it the other way and only disconnect the 2 ribbons? I ve been extremely unlucky with my ebay purchases and i need to do it my self because the area i live in is very remote and shipping costs much. Please help me out with some info to DIY (myself!)
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Topic starter Posted : 04/02/2024 4:59 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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To replace the LCD in the Prius MFD 04-09 the entire unit has to be disassembled. Once the unit is removed from the housing, remove all the PCBs, and cabling, and disconnect the ribbon cables. Then, when you get to the LCD the process is pretty straightforward in replacing the LCD. When re-assembling make sure to carefully check that all the cabling, wires, and brackets are properly installed otherwise the unit will not work. You can test the unit in your vehicle before re-mounting it to the plastic housing to ensure it's functioning correctly.

Posted : 04/02/2024 5:01 pm