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Precor Elliptical Control Board is not working


I have a Precor eliptical EFX546. The lower board PCB is not working. It used to turn on after a couple of days after having power, but now it has been weeks and it does not turn on. It is a PCB 43589. Can you reair it? Is so, how much would it cost?

Precor eliptical EFX546
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Topic starter Posted : 11/14/2023 5:59 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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I have spoken with the Master technician about your issue with your equipment. 
He stated that they can definitely take a look at it. It should be something that can be serviced. If they cannot service it, there will only be a bench-test fee of $39.99. 

When you send it in, please attach a note to the unit for the technician stating the issues and that you spoke with us through a 'Custom Repair Request'.

Send your part to:
4991 BU Bowman Dr. 
Suite 100
Buford, GA 30518
These must be included with your part(s):

  1. Your name or company name
  2. Your complete return mailing address
  3. Your phone number and email address
  4. Issues you are experiencing

Please keep a copy of your tracking number for your records. 
Payment Options:
Credit card or PayPal payments are due after we receive your part(s) and the repair is complete. Please do not send checks or money orders. We'll reach out to you via email or text when your part is ready.

Thank you for choosing UpFix!

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