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2004 x5 4.4 has a problem with the temperature control


My 2004 x5 4.4 has a peculiar problem with the temperature control console.
My fan will not turn off unless I press the - button to reduce the fan speed. Normally, I simply click the button until the fan speed is at its lowest level, then press it again to turn off the fan. Doing so now causes the fan to restart as soon as I release the button.
The dealer recommended either replacing the complete temperature control console or leaving it alone (fan running on lowest speed when not in use).
I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this problem.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 08/11/2022 6:04 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thank you for reaching out. We do fix climate controls Here is the link


Posted : 08/11/2022 6:06 pm