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2009 Jeep Compass reset/reflashed the ABS module


I'm wondering if somebody can assist me? One day, I was backing out of the driveway in a 2009 Jeep Compass when I reached a speed of approximately 12 mph and noticed the dash tree of lights. The lights disappear with every shutdown and restart until I reach 12 mph. I later observed that if I back up or pull off swiftly, the lights would stay off (maybe this is connected to the g-sensor or yaw sensor?) Can anyone think of anything that would be better before I spend a ton of money on a new ABS Mod. set? As an FYI, I have calibrated the g sensor, reset/reflashed the ABS module, and used a computer to verify all speed sensors.

2009 Jeep Compass reset reflashed the ABS module
Topic starter Posted : 09/30/2022 5:23 pm
Serge - UpFix Team
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Thank you for your inquiry. We do repair ABS control modules Here is the link

Posted : 09/30/2022 5:23 pm